‘A lot of people were surprised’: Marshall medical center closes after 3 days of heavy snow

SPRINGHILL, N.Y. — A medical center in New York City closed Thursday after three days of severe snowfall and snow-packed roads that left the medical center closed and dozens of patients and staff stranded.

The Marshall Medical Center in Springhill closed for about two hours Thursday because of the heavy snow, officials said.

The hospital had about 7,000 beds, said spokeswoman Jennifer Dominguez.

The hospital is the only facility in New England that provides emergency care to people with brain trauma and other conditions.

The medical center was built in 1947, and it opened its doors to the public in 1972.

Its patient population was 1,500 at the time.

In the winter of 2013, a snowstorm dumped about 1 inch of snow on the town, causing a mass evacuation of residents and forcing the hospital to shut down.

Marshall residents said they felt the effects of the storm in the form of icy roads and heavy snow.

Marshall is one of about 300 medical facilities that have been closed by the snowstorm.

The snow and heavy rain also left about 70 patients stranded at a hospital in southern New Hampshire, the health department said.

Marshall has about 5,000 residents and a population of about 1,300, it said.