How to Help Westchester Medical Center with Roof Collapse

A Westchester medical facility is struggling with a roof collapse that has left at least four patients in critical condition.

Westchester Medical’s roof collapsed Friday night as a result of a faulty wiring, the hospital said.

The hospital received an alert of the collapse just before midnight Friday, but had no time to evacuate patients, said spokeswoman Amy Brown.

The hospital had about 875 patients at the time of the evacuation.

The roof fell on a building next door to the medical center and collapsed onto a waiting room, sending up to four patients into the air, Brown said.

A patient was taken to Westchester Memorial Hospital, where two of them are still in critical care, Brown told The New York Times.

The other two are in stable condition.

The roof was later repaired, and it will be inspected on Saturday, Brown added.

The incident is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, the Westchester Fire Department, and the fire department, Brown wrote in a statement.