Healthcare workers at hospitals in COVID-19 outbreak should get vaccinations, state officials say

Health workers at medical centers in New York and New Jersey are being urged to get vaccinations in case they are exposed to the coronavirus.

State health officials say there’s a heightened risk of exposure to the virus and have urged workers to get the recommended shots by the end of February.

In New York, there were nearly 100 workers infected, including some at a hospital that treated patients in critical condition.

The hospital was evacuated last week after it was found to have infected more than 80 workers.

The New Jersey state health department said on Twitter that the agency has identified more than 1,300 people who had contracted the virus at hospitals and clinics.

Health officials in New Jersey have been asking patients who visited the state’s hospitals and emergency departments last week for vaccinations, but the state has not had a record of getting them.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has called for people to get their shots in time.

State officials in Connecticut said they were working to vaccinate as many people as possible.

State Department of Health Commissioner Deborah Hennepin said Wednesday that the state will not have a record on the number of cases until March 25.

The Connecticut governor, Dannel Malloy, said he will sign an executive order barring public schools in the state from offering immunization classes.

The order was signed by Gov.

Dannel P. Malloy on Wednesday and takes effect on Friday.