How to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic

The UK is seeing an increase in coronaviral infections as the virus continues to spread, prompting the country to temporarily close a number of health services.

Here are the best ways to stay safe during the virus’ reign:1.

Get vaccinated: A daily dose of the vaccine called the Merck & Co vaccine is being offered at the health service in Denmark.

The vaccine is available at the public health centre at the British Consulate in Copenhagen.


Stay indoors: People should be cautious when outside, especially when it comes to pets, and stay at home with their children.

The virus can be transmitted through air and water.


Stay out of crowded areas: Travel to places with high numbers of people, such as markets, restaurants and cafes.4.

Stay at home: While it’s not recommended to travel outside of the home, people should stay at their own homes.5.

Keep a clean bathroom: Wash your hands frequently and wash your clothes.6.

Stay hydrated: Drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.7.

Get a haircut: Get a good cut of hair every few weeks to keep your hair healthy and prevent infection.8.

Stay away from pets: Pets are highly contagious, so avoid close contact.

If you are bitten, wash your hands thoroughly and get medical attention immediately.9.

Get your eyes checked: Make sure your eyes are clean and well.10.

Stay home when people are contagious: Stay home from work, school and any other social gatherings, especially in the evening, to avoid getting sick.11.

Avoid touching pets: Be aware that people who are contagious can bite pets.12.

Get tested for the coronacide virus: Get your blood tested to ensure you are not infected and not showing symptoms.13.

Stay in a safe place: If you get sick, call a local health centre.14.

Stay safe in the community: If someone has been bitten by a pet, stay with them until help arrives.15.

Be extra cautious: Avoid close contact, especially during outbreaks.16.

Keep children at home during outbreaks: Be extra careful around children, especially infants.17.

Stay alert and alert for suspicious activity: Call the police if you have seen something suspicious.18.

Don’t leave children unattended: Leave the door open at home if there is a child at home.19.

Know how to protect yourself and your loved ones: Protect yourself from the virus by staying in a closed room, washing your hands and wearing face masks.