The Lad medical center in Roseburg, Oregon, has an Ebola patient with a history of contracting the virus

A medical center at a rural Oregon medical school is being investigated after two of its employees tested positive for the deadly virus, The Lad Baptist Medical Center announced Tuesday.

The hospital’s interim president said the two employees were not at the hospital for a period of time and were transferred from Roseburg to the Eugene area, where they are now working.

The staff at the Roseburg facility are not being placed in isolation and are continuing to receive care, said the interim president, Dr. Eric A. Dennison.

The hospital is working with state and federal health officials and local law enforcement to ensure the safety of the employees and patients, he said.

The Roseburg staff has been working as a team to help protect the facility and the surrounding community.

The state Department of Public Health confirmed in a statement that it had taken control of the Roseburys facility.

It said the Oregon Department of Health, the Oregon State Police, the Eugene Police Department, and the Oregon Health Authority were assisting with the investigation.

Roseburg is about 120 miles northeast of Portland, the state capital.

The Roseburg Medical Center is located about 70 miles south of Roseburg and about 70 minutes north of Portland.

It is the third Oregon medical center to have tested positive.