Why does the Florida Coliseum have so many seats?

A Florida stadium that seats over 300,000 fans is not the only one that can boast a capacity of more than 100,000.

It is the largest and most expensive venue in the country.

That is why it’s no surprise to learn the capacity of the home games at the Florida State Seminoles’ football stadium is over 100,00.

But when it comes to capacity in general, the University of Florida’s football stadium stands out in a number of ways.

Florida Stadium, as you might expect, has more than its fair share of empty seats.

The Seminoles have one of the largest stadium capacities in the nation, averaging about 80,000 for their home games.

But while that number doesn’t tell the whole story, it’s a good indicator that the Seminoles are able to cram as many fans into their stadiums as possible.

That means Florida Stadium is one of just two stadiums that has the capacity to seat more than 300,00 people.

There are some other stadiums in the state that also have the capacity, but they are much smaller than the Florida Stadium.

The other, the Sanford Stadium, has an average capacity of about 70,000 and it seats about 60,000 people.

Other stadiums that have an average stadium capacity of over 100k include: Tampa Stadium, which has an 80,500 capacity, in Hillsborough County, which sits just north of Tampa Bay; and the Tampa Bay Sports Authority Field, which seats 70,500.

The stadium has capacity for about 40,000, but it is only used for one game a season.

That stadium has also been home to a number other events, including the NCAA Men’s Final Four, the Women’s NCAA Final Four and the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While those events are the ones that will most likely draw people to the stadium, Florida Stadium has the ability to fill a large number of empty spots.

There is also the stadium’s capacity for home games, which is not a bad thing at all.

Florida stadium is not an empty building.

In fact, when Florida Stadium opened in the 1980s, it was one of only a few stadiums in North America to have a capacity to 100,0000 people.

It had a capacity for the 1980 Super Bowl, the NFL Super Bowl and the NCAA Tournament.

There were even plans to build a new stadium in its current location to accommodate the expansion of the University and the University’s men’s basketball team.

While there are some things that Florida Stadium can’t do in a game, the stadium can do many things that the average stadium cannot.

The capacity for games is a good indication that the stadium is able to provide fans with a good experience, whether that means seats for more than 60,00 fans, a capacity that seats up to 70,00, or the capacity that holds 20,000 or more fans.

It can also be used to sell tickets, which are available for sale on the ticket office website, the Florida Athletic Ticket Office.

There’s also the fact that the Florida Sports Ticket Office has the facilities to sell Florida State tickets.

But that’s not the case for all stadiums.

Florida State’s stadium can seat 20,00 or more people, but that does not mean that it is going to fill them all up.

The seats for the university’s men and women basketball teams will fill up in about 20% of the games, but for the men’s volleyball team, it is closer to 70%.

That is because it will take a lot of empty spaces to fill up a football stadium.

So while the capacity for football games in general is great, the capacity at the Seminole Stadium does not have to be.

In the NFL, the average capacity for a home game is closer the 20,500 mark, but there are still some games that are played in empty stadiums.

The Tampa Bay Times recently reported that the Tampa Lions are the only team that has a capacity less than 10,000 at their stadium, which does not include the two empty games at Gillette Stadium and the empty game at Sun Life Stadium.

There have also been instances in which the capacity is lower than 10 to 20, but the team has used empty spaces for games.

The Dolphins also play games in empty seats in Miami.

The team’s stadium has a stadium capacity around 11,000 but that capacity is about 50% of what it would be if the stadium was fully filled.

When the team plays at a home venue, it can make money from tickets and concessions.

When they play in their home stadium, the teams have the luxury of not having to worry about empty seats or having to sell their tickets to fans in other cities.

Florida has one of those teams, the Tampa Barracuda.

Their stadium has an estimated capacity of 12,500 people, which the team uses to sell the tickets and the concessions to fans around the world.

In 2016, they sold out the final home game of the season, the opening game of their season.

The Barracudas sell out