What’s happening at the Oregon Children’s Medical Center in the wake of a deadly mass shooting

By BRIAN STOKERBERGThe Oregon Childrens Medical Center is being treated by a team of Oregon State Police investigators and local leaders, and they are calling the incident a tragic tragedy.

It’s unclear exactly how many children were at the facility when the shooting occurred, but the Portland Oregonian reports that the shooter is suspected to have shot at least nine children in the facility, including one boy, before police shot him dead.

The children are all under age 5, and it’s unclear what they are doing at the time of the shooting.

The facility is located on the edge of downtown Eugene, the heart of the state’s industrial city, and is one of the oldest medical centers in the nation.

According to the Oregon State Journal, the hospital is the only facility in the region to operate without any state or federal funding.

The center serves about 1.2 million people in a state with about 13 million people.