How to treat a back injury from a goal

By Football Italy StaffThe Italian football team have said they are planning on introducing a new rule to prevent players from being sent off in injury crises.

The new rule was revealed by the team’s medical department in an interview with Tuttosport, a daily newspaper. 

“We will have a new disciplinary procedure for players who get sent off at the end of a match, which is a rule we’ll be introducing in the future,” medical director Franco Brescia told Tuttomsport.

“Players who get injured on the pitch, will be taken to the medical centre to be checked and then the disciplinary committee will decide if the player will be suspended or not.”

The Italian FA have not revealed whether the rule will apply to domestic or international games.

Italy have been the subject of a spate of concussions and concussive injuries in recent weeks.

In March, the team received a number of concussives injuries in their 1-0 defeat against Austria in the quarter-finals of Euro 2016. 

In May, the national team were rocked when a player received a concussion during the opening minutes of the friendly against Belgium.

Italy are currently ranked eighth in the FIFA rankings and have not won a single game this season.