Michigan hospital shuts down amid outbreak

Midland, Mich.

(AP) A hospital in the Midwest has shut down after nearly 500 patients with a strain of coronavirus tested positive, according to the state health department.

The state Department of Health said Thursday it had ordered Midland-Hemminger Health System to shut down on Monday, citing a significant increase in cases of coronacovirus at the hospital.

It said the outbreak is the largest in Michigan since the outbreak at the Midland County Health Department in 2015.

It says the facility has closed for at least six weeks.

The department did not provide any details about the latest cases.

It said the state Health Department received a request from Midland Healthcare to shut the facility down for at no cost to the taxpayers.

The facility is not affiliated with Midland Health.

A spokesperson for the hospital did not immediately respond to a request for comment.