How to get the latest medical technology at the most affordable price


— Kettering Medical Center and Flagstaff Medical Center have partnered to offer free, one-time medical technology for patients to get checked out at the hospital and the park.

This is an open, no charge, program for all of our medical and surgical facilities.

We are pleased to announce that this program will also be available to the general public on Wednesday, March 8th at 1 p.m. and Friday, March 10th at 8 a.m., to make the transition from the Memorial Day weekend weekend to the March 1st holiday easier for everyone.

This new program will give you the flexibility to make this transition quickly and easily.

If you have questions, please contact our office by calling (334) 865-8181 or visiting the official Kettering and Flagstons office.

To find out more, please visit the Ketterings website.

The Ketterlings, a team of medical professionals and their patients, is a leader in the community and in the private sector.

Their mission is to bring the best care to the needs of our patients and to make it easy for patients and their families to get a quick, safe and affordable medical service.

They strive to provide the best health care and support to our patients in every way possible.

The Ketterling Medical Center provides a variety of medical services to its patients, including, surgery, imaging, imaging imaging inpatient, surgery outpatient, internal medicine, internal surgery, elective surgery, emergency care, acute care and other medical services.

The Flagstaff Health and Hospital Group is an affiliate of Ketterging, Inc., a company focused on innovation in the healthcare industry.

About Ketter and Flagrestons Kettelling Medical Center is located in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama.

The hospital offers a variety, including outpatient surgery, internal surgeries, emergency room, emergency department, outpatient surgery outpatient and other outpatient services, surgical center, outpatient trauma care, outpatient mental health services, emergency medicine, inpatient care, surgery and more.

Flagstaff is a private nonprofit hospital that serves patients in its community.

It is located just north of the Birmingham-Jefferson County line, and is home to the Alabama Medical Center, the Birmingham County Medical Center Health System, the Alabama Family and Hospital Medical Center.