Einstein medical center in Nebraska receives $1.3M in federal grant

A medical center that serves the state of Nebraska received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to help with renovations, construction and other capital projects at the facility.

The grant, awarded by the Office of Health Innovation and Outreach, will help pay for new office space, renovation of the hospital, a new laboratory and other projects, said Dr. Mark Reardon, director of the Lincoln Health Science Center.

“The funds will go towards a new medical center where we can continue to work with our patients,” Reardon said.

The state of Vermont, which also received a federal grant for renovations, is working with the Lincoln Center to develop a new clinical research and treatment center that will be located on the site of the Einstein Medical Center.

The grants will help with costs associated with the building of the new medical and clinical center, including capital construction and construction and renovation, Reardon added.

The $1,350,000 grant is part of a $3.8 billion federal grant to build and operate the Einstein-Omaha Medical Center and related facilities in Nebraska, according to the HHS Office of the Inspector General.

The Nebraska Medical Center’s headquarters is on the north side of the Nebraska State Capitol building.

(Photo: Courtesy of the Department of Energy)A spokesperson for the Lincoln Medical Center said the medical center has been awarded $1m to build a new office, renovation and improvements to the Lincoln and Omaha medical facilities.

Reardon said the Lincoln center will also use the grant to improve and modernize the existing medical and surgical facilities and other facilities.

The Einstein Medical center, which opened in 1966, is the state’s only publicly funded, full-service medical center.

It is located at 2200 S. Main St. NE, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Lincoln Center is a state-owned entity.