‘We need to do something’: Australia’s largest hospital is facing a crisis

Australia’s biggest hospital is struggling to cope with a massive surge in admissions as a shortage of beds means some of the country’s largest hospitals are now having to ration beds.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Baystate Medical Centre is facing unprecedented demand as doctors seek to avoid being left behind at the emergency department.

The hospital has struggled to cope for more than two years after a coronavirus scare in which hundreds of people were infected and more than 200 people died.

Since then, Baystate has faced a huge influx of new patients and a surge in calls for medical care, the paper says.

In the past few weeks, the hospital has been hit with a flood of emergency admissions, with doctors unable to treat patients due to a shortage in beds.

Many of the hospital’s emergency departments have been reduced to bare essentials, and staff have also been asked to work overtime.

A spokesperson for the hospital said they had been inundated with calls for help, with staff working extra hours to keep up with demand.’

We’re all overwhelmed and our ability to deal with these demands is becoming increasingly limited,’ she said.’

It’s a challenge that we are dealing with at the moment.”

It is not uncommon for emergency departments to have a backlog of patients.’