Ganssar hospital: The most expensive hospital in the world

Gans, Texas, March 16 (AFP) – Gans’ Hospital, the largest in the US, has the highest average price per patient in the country, according to a study published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

The study found the Gans hospital’s average bill for emergency services is $17,837, compared with a national average of $12,869.

In 2016, the average US health-care bill was $20,717, while the average hospital bill was about $17.8 million.

Gans’ hospital’s rate of hospitalization was highest among the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, according the study, which included hospitalizations for a range of illnesses including heart failure, diabetes, asthma, cancer and cancer surgery.

It also showed the hospital had the highest rates of hospitalizations and out-of-hospital deaths among the five largest metropolitan regions.

The hospital was ranked the 12th-most expensive in the nation for emergency-care services in 2016.

A total of 921,000 patients were admitted to Gans last year, according a state Department of Health spokeswoman.

The average cost per day of care at Gans is $18.65, according records released by the department.

The state’s overall health-coverage and hospital costs, which include Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and employer-sponsored insurance, were $19,831 in 2016, a 2.5-percent increase over the previous year.GANS had a total of 17,094 out-patients and 12,816 in-patches at the hospital in 2016 and is the only facility in the state with two in-patient units, according data from the department released by state officials.

The cost of care for the city of Gans was also the highest in the Texas-Mexico border area in 2016 at $22,878 per day, followed by San Antonio, at $21,638.

Giveshift, which provides care for children and elderly, has been the focus of criticism in the area in recent months.