How to Survive the Ice Storm That Could Hit Your Home, Business, and Home in Boulder

The latest storm to hit Boulder County could wreak havoc on some homes and businesses.

The storm is expected to hit the area late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

It could cause ice to build in streets and sidewalks, and snow to form in snowbanks and snow piles on roads and highways.

Boulder County emergency management officials say the area is currently being used for road construction.

There is no forecast for the storm.

The National Weather Service issued a weather warning for the area around Mount Vernon and the area south of the Colorado River and west of the city of Denver.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office has activated an ice storm response team.

Bike routes could be impassable and many roads will be icy.

The sheriff’s office is advising residents to stay off the roads.

Drivers can call 877-BOULDER-20 to report ice in your area.

A large storm dump was also reported along Interstate 30 in western Colorado, according to the National Weather Services.

There were no reports of damage or injuries.