Which NHL teams have the best win-loss record this season?

Over the past few years, the win-lost record has been an increasingly important statistic.

This season, though, the team with the worst record in the NHL, as of Sunday, is Boston Bruins, and that’s despite having the second-worst goals-against average in the league at 2.19.

The Bruins have struggled offensively this season, with goals-for per game at a league-worst 1.23 and goals against per game of 3.17.

That is a significant drop from last season, when they had the third-worst goal-against-rate at 1.56.

The Bruins have also lost their last five games.

In the Bruins’ last six games, they’ve won five of those.

They’re the only team in the Stanley Cup playoffs to do that.

The other teams in the playoffs are the Chicago Blackhawks (five), St. Louis Blues (four), Nashville Predators (three), and Tampa Bay Lightning (two).

The Bruins are coming off back-to-back wins over the Tampa Bay Lighting on Monday and Tuesday.

They beat the Lightning 4-3 in overtime on Thursday night.

They’ll face the Nashville Predators on Friday.

The loss of David Krejci (concussion) to an upper-body injury on Friday will allow center Jarome Iginla to return from injury.

Iginl will play Friday night in Montreal.

Boston will try to get back on track against Montreal, who is the team that will make a run at the Stanley Series title.

The Canadiens are 6-6-2, with six games remaining.