U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is launching a new national service initiative that will help veterans find jobs with the nation’s largest employer.

Posted October 02, 2018 10:07:20Today, the U.s.

Department and Veterans Affairs (VA) announced the launch of the National Career and Technical Education and Career Advancement Partnership (NCTEP), a new initiative that provides more than $1 billion to help veterans and their families find employment with the United States’ largest employer, the United Technologies Corporation.

This partnership is designed to help the VA and the industry expand the supply chain and increase the supply of workers.

Under the partnership, NCTEP will provide up to $7,500 for every qualifying veteran who completes a qualifying service obligation.

Veterans can apply to receive this support through the VA’s website.

“This partnership will help ensure veterans have the skills they need to be employed in the workforce, and will help expand the workforce,” said Secretary of Veterans Services Eric H. Shinseki.

“VA’s support of the NCTEA will help strengthen our nation’s supply chain by creating more jobs and strengthening our economy.”

The VA will also provide up the $5.2 billion in support over four years for the Career Advancements and Training Fund, a federal trust fund that will support vocational training for veterans.

The funds are intended to assist the VA with training and career advancement programs for veterans and the workforce.VA’s NCTEPs will also help veterans obtain additional skills, including those that will benefit their jobs in the industry.

NCTEs will help meet the needs of veterans and other underserved communities, such as military personnel and their dependents, who will benefit from the skills and training the NCTePs will provide.

The partnership between the VA, the NCSEA, and the Career and Technology Advancement Alliance (CTA), is one of the largest in the nation, with nearly a quarter of the nation.

The VA, through the NC TEA, will contribute up to 50 percent of the cost of training veterans for careers and technical education and technical training.

The NCTEAs will provide training to more than 1,100 veterans, including more than 200 women and children.

For more information, visit www.ncsa.va.gov/ncoppa.

VA and its contractors will provide the NCteP and the NCTAs services.

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Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs (VVA): The Department of Veteran Affairs is the largest agency of the federal government and is the lead federal agency for the care and support of veterans.

Since its establishment in 1863, the VVA has been the leading provider of health care, disability benefits, and education for veterans, their families, and their communities.

VA’s mission is to provide a secure and dignified transition to civilian life for veterans by supporting them in the acquisition, training, and employment of their skills, and by providing support to their veterans and families through care, services, and assistance.

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