How a patient’s last hours affected my life

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The New York City doctor who first found that the drug, Zaltrap, might work as a treatment for Lyme disease says he is happy with the outcome. 

“This has given me hope for other people,” Dr. Andrew Pare wrote in an op-ed for New York Mag, in an article published on Tuesday.

“I’m confident in the results, and I’m happy with my patients.”

Dr. Andrew S. Pare, who has treated more than 5,000 patients for Lyme, also says he has found some “hilarious” moments.

“My greatest joy came in the weeks leading up to the drug’s release,” he wrote.

“The first few days of my treatment for a patient I treated with Lyme disease took a toll on my mind.

When the first dose of Zaltra arrived, I was still working with patients who were still sick, and my mind was racing with anxiety and fear.

My doctors advised me to rest for a few weeks, but I knew the drugs would be effective.

I went back to work, and the following week, the first of two Zaltras arrived.

I began to relax, and it was as if my mind had returned to normal.

It felt like a miracle.”

The first of those two Zalsas was given on May 5, 2015, by the manufacturer, Novartis.

It was supposed to last about two weeks.

On May 18, a second batch of Zalts, with a slightly different formula, arrived, but this time the patient had already recovered.

Dr. Paren says he still has “a few questions” about the success of the first batch of the drugs, but he has been encouraged by the results of the second batch.

“That first batch was the first step,” he writes.

“Now we know that it is possible to give this drug to people who have already recovered and have been diagnosed with Lyme.

This has given hope for others.

And it has also given hope to me, who can now tell the people of my hometown that it’s possible to treat people for Lyme.”

As for what Dr. Pares is working on next, he says he plans to “try to develop a vaccine.”