Women in ‘women’s’ hospital: We’re being treated like terrorists

Women in a women’s medical center in the US have been receiving high levels of radiation and chemotherapy after being targeted by a mysterious cyber attack, a report from NBC News says.

The hospital is a women-only facility that treats women for ovarian cancer, according to the report.

But as NBC News reported on Wednesday, the hackers used the hospital’s IT systems to infiltrate and steal data from the hospital and other healthcare providers, including its medical staff.

The attack occurred in the second week of August, and it has resulted in about 2,300 patients being exposed to the cyber attack’s malware, the report says.

A spokesperson for the hospital told NBC News on Wednesday that the hospital has no indication of who may have been behind the attack and has not confirmed any patient exposure.

“The hospital is notifying the affected healthcare providers and we are working with the state to find out more,” the spokesperson said.

A similar attack occurred on September 10, NBC News reports.

The cybersecurity firm FireEye said on Wednesday it was also investigating the attack.

“We’re not going to speculate about who the attackers were, what their motivations were, but we do believe that it was an effort to affect the healthcare system and damage the hospitals systems,” the company said.