Why it is that Governor Dan Malloy is calling on the state’s leading medical centers to stop using advanced medical centers

A governor who is desperate for donations for his latest medical scam is asking the state of Florida to stop accepting donations for advanced medical treatment centers.


Dan Mallochis campaign released a statement on Tuesday calling for the state to stop receiving donations from doctors and hospitals who treat children and adults with cancer and AIDS.

The statement reads: “The Governor of Florida and I have been discussing ways to reduce the cost of health care for our citizens, including ending Medicaid expansion and other taxpayer-funded subsidies that have driven up the cost for patients and doctors alike.

We need to find common ground on these issues and work together to reduce health care costs.”

It’s the latest in a string of efforts to force hospitals and doctors to take down advanced medical care centers and end the subsidies.

Last week, Malloy’s administration said it would close all but two of Florida’s four Medicaid-funded hospitals.

The governor also ordered the state Department of Health and Human Services to cease providing the state with any more state grants and funding to advance medical centers.

Malloy said on Monday that Florida would stop accepting any donations from any of the three advanced medical facilities in Pinellas County, including the Duke-Jackson and Mayo-St. Thomas.

The state also said it was ending state payments to a company that provides advanced medical services to children and families in South Florida, including Florida Children’s Hospital.

Malls office said the order was in response to a complaint filed with the state attorney general.

The Florida Department of State Health Services and the Florida Department, Health and Family Services said the decision was based on the fact that the advance medical facility in PineLLas County was not participating in any new advanced medical facility program.

Mills office said there was no evidence the advance facility had made any significant changes to its services.

It said it is currently reviewing all of its facilities’ state and federal accreditation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.