How to help hospitals cope with Zika virus in Houston

Health care workers in the Houston area are helping patients get home to their families.

In a series of social media posts, health care workers are urging patients to use their personal data to help pay for medications.

“I am in the process of making this data available on my social media,” Stephanie Williams, the chief executive officer of United Health Care, wrote in one post.

“It’s a lifesaver.

If I need to get to a doctor to get an X-ray, I will get there.

If there’s a need for me to call my friends to get help, I know that I will be there.”

Williams said the information will help make it easier for patients to access their medications.

In the second post, the hospital posted a video of its emergency room where patients are being helped to get into beds.

In the video, the first-floor emergency room is empty.