Obama: ‘We are a nation of immigrants’

President Obama said Tuesday that he supports allowing children to stay in the U.S. after the U,S.

Supreme Court upheld his deportation orders, saying they were the right thing to do.

Speaking at a campaign stop in Colorado Springs, Obama said, “We are Americans first.

We are a Nation of immigrants, not just a nation based on color of skin, not based on birth, not by religion, but by birth.”

Obama also said that he has a lot of respect for the U.,S.

Constitution and that he respects the court’s decision upholding the immigration orders.

“We will continue to do what is necessary to protect this nation,” he said.

“But the president has always believed in the importance of a nation founded on the values of love, family and liberty.”

The president said that the court also affirmed the constitutionality of the executive order he issued last year that temporarily blocked all refugees from entering the U.

“We’re a nation in which the first duty of a president is to protect our citizens, and this executive order was one of the clearest and most effective efforts to protect the lives of American citizens,” he continued.

“And it will continue as long as we have a president who will do that.

I’m grateful to the Supreme Court for upholding this order.”

The court’s ruling overturned the Trump administration’s immigration orders and also set a deadline of Sept. 5 for the Trump Administration to implement new policies.

The court issued its decision on Sept. 2, but a number of the president’s immigration restrictions remain in place.

The administration has not immediately released a list of any pending executive actions.

The court’s order did not specifically mention the president, but said the president “has an obligation to enforce the laws of the land.”

Obama said he would continue to defend the president against any legal challenge, but he added that the country is moving forward.

“We will prevail,” Obama said.