Australia: Australian doctor charged with sexually assaulting four patients in Mexico

Posted November 08, 2018 06:00:16 A man who allegedly sexually assaulted four patients at a local hospital in the state of Guerrero has been charged with aggravated sexual assault, according to local media.

A spokesman for the state prosecutor’s office told local media the alleged offences occurred at the Gildan Medical Centre in Huesca, Mexico.

The prosecutor’s spokesperson told ABC News that on Tuesday, a team of investigators arrested the suspect.

The spokesman said the accused suspect had a history of sexual assaults and sexual abuse.

The investigation into the case is ongoing.

Huesco is a city in Guerrero.

A woman who gave her name as “Chila” told ABC TV that the accused doctor was her boss.

“He was in charge of everything that was done,” she said.

“If he were to be charged with anything, I don’t know what it would be.”

A spokesman said they would not release the name of the suspect because he was under investigation.

In December, an unnamed victim told local TV station Globo that the doctor sexually assaulted her while she was at a meeting in his office.

“We don’t have time to talk to you.

I don of course don’t want to,” she told Globo.

“You were just crying.

You were really upset.”