Why does the Garda Síochána need more officers?

Grandview Medical Centre is set to receive more officers after a review by the Gardai, following a spate of shootings in the past six months.

The Gardai has announced the creation of six new posts in the area of security and the Gardae National Unit, and another five in the community to include additional gardaí, a number that has been expanded from eight to 13.

The number of Garda officers deployed to Grandview is set at seven, but the Gardasíí Association says the number could rise if more officers are deployed to the area.

It is understood Gardaí will be able to call on extra officers if there is a high risk of a repeat incident, but it is understood they will not be able make those calls until they have had time to assess the circumstances of each case.

The Garda Commissioner has been asked to review the number of garda stations deployed across the country.

Mr Flanagan said the review would take into account all available resources, including the increased police presence, but would also consider the potential impacts of increasing numbers of gardai on public safety.

He said there would also be an assessment of whether increased Garda numbers would lead to more Garda shootings.

Gardaí and the Government are also to meet to discuss the role of the Gardà National Unit in the investigation into the Gardá Confidential report.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption will investigate allegations of collusion between the Gardaa and the Department of Justice and policing.

The independent inquiry will report back to the Government in June.

Gerry Fitzpatrick, the Minister for Justice, said the Government would work with the Gardaic Association and the Independent Commission into Garda Internal Affairs to ensure that the independent report was conducted in accordance with the law.

Mr Fitzpatrick said the independent investigation will also look at whether the Gardal Force could have done more to secure the Gardaghs property and that the Gardakins management of the property had to be properly considered.