Which midstate hospitals will be the best?

The New York Times is giving a new look to its top midstate health facilities, offering a new list of the top 50 medical centers in the state, and comparing the rankings against its previous best-ranked rankings.

The New York City-based newspaper is giving new looks to its midstate healthcare centers, including those at the University of Rochester, the University Medical Center of New Jersey, and the National Institutes of Health.

The paper is giving these new rankings a bit more weight, as the rankings are based on more than 200 data points.

The ranking is based on data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the New York State Department of Health, along with the state’s data on state-run health centers.

In some cases, the New Jersey Department of Public Health also counts midstate centers in its rankings.

These are some of the health centers that were selected for inclusion in the rankings:The New Jersey hospitals are in the top half of the list.

They include a number of medical centers that offer primary care services such as colonoscopies and blood work, as well as a small number of community-based hospitals that specialize in specialty care.

The rankings also include a few other health care centers that aren’t listed on the New Yorker’s top list.

One of these is the Mayo Clinic, which is in the middle of the pack for primary care care.

That hospital is also ranked in the bottom half of health care.

The other hospitals in the Top 50 are St. John Fisher and the University Health System in Minnesota, the National Health System of Iowa, the Mayo-Iowa City Hospital in Minnesota and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

The Mayo Clinic ranks first for primary-care care in New York, and it is ranked in last place for community-oriented health care in the nation.

This is the third year in a row that Mayo has fallen out of the rankings, as it is in first place for primary and emergency-room care for the second consecutive year.

The University Medical Centre of New Brunswick is ranked as the second-best hospital in the country for primary health care, behind only the University Hospital of Pittsburgh.

This hospital is one of three in the New England region to earn a ranking of the “best” hospital in each of the three categories.

The National Institutes Of Health ranks the New Hampshire Medical Center as one of the best in the world for primary medical care, according to the rankings.

The New Hampshire Health Science Center in Durham is the second best in New Hampshire for primary healthcare, and a New Hampshire Public Health Authority report from 2016 showed the hospital was the most affordable in the region for general surgery.

The University of New Hampshire in Durham ranked as a top-tier hospital for emergency-care services in 2016.

The St. Lawrence County Health System is ranked first in the United States for general hospitals and is ranked eighth overall for primary hospitals, according a 2016 New York magazine ranking of state health care facilities.

This healthcare system is also the top-ranked hospital for primary preventive care, which includes breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment.

The Yale University Medical School is ranked seventh in the U.S. for primary hospital care, as are the Mayo, Yale, New York University and Brigham and Wharton medical schools.

The Harvard Medical School in Boston is in fifth place, and Harvard-affiliated hospitals in Washington, D.C., and New York are in eighth place.