How to protect yourself from the worst cyberattack in history

The FBI has officially announced the results of its investigation into the hack of a Vermont medical center.

The hack is believed to have been carried out by Russian hackers, who breached the network of the Burlington Medical Center and stole medical data, health records and patient records.FBI Director James Comey said Monday that the hack was “the worst in the history of cybercrime.”

Comey said that the FBI’s investigation found that the attackers were using an exploit called SQL Injection to insert malicious SQL statements.

He said the attackers had targeted the medical center’s network.FBI officials said Monday morning that the attack has been traced back to Russia.

The Burlington Police Department confirmed the incident and said that it is working to find the hackers responsible.

“The FBI is working with the Burlington Police to determine if any criminal activity is ongoing,” the department said in a statement.

“Any individual or organization with information regarding this incident should contact the FBI at 802-691-5100 or by email at [email protected]

President Donald Trump tweeted that he’s “extremely saddened and concerned” by the hack, but also called the breach “unacceptable.”

“We will keep all options on the table,” Trump tweeted.

“However, if our leaders are unable to get to the bottom of this, then I will be forced to act.”

Comey said in his statement that the bureau has no evidence to suggest that the hospital’s security system was breached, but that he will not rule out an investigation.

The Burlington Medical center, a public health facility, said that its systems were not breached.

The center said in its statement that it has been in communication with the FBI.

“As a private hospital, we are focused on responding to the incident,” the statement said.

The hospital’s emergency department is open and working as normal, the center said.

“We have not received any reports of any medical incident at the Burlington Health System,” the center added.