Tulane Medical Center to close its doors and move to new site

KETTING, Texas — Tulane Medical, a community hospital in central Texas, will close its emergency rooms and move into a new location in northeast Austin, a hospital spokesman said Tuesday.

The move will close about 3,600 beds, including about 700 in the emergency department, said David McAlister, the hospital’s director of facilities.

Tulanes medical center will close after operating in a closed emergency room since the 1990s.

The hospital was built in the 1960s by Dr. Thomas A. Tulane, a Houston pediatrician who was assassinated in 1961 by the Ku Klux Klan.

Tulsa, Texas, is among a handful of communities in the U.S. that have shut down emergency rooms, which were designed to provide rapid diagnosis, treatment and care to patients suffering from emergencies.

The Texas Medical Center and its sister hospital in Houston, Texas’ fourth-largest city, also have been closing their emergency rooms as they face mounting costs for operating rooms and equipment.

The two hospitals have spent billions of dollars to renovate and modernize facilities to meet growing demand.TULANE’S LAST DOORHOUSETulanoos emergency rooms in the Houston area are among those with the capacity to handle an influx of patients.

The hospitals last emergency room opened in 2003, and its capacity peaked at more than 700 beds in 2010, but the hospital has since been able to provide more care.

The hospital is expected to make the move to a new building in northwest Austin by the end of the year, McAlisters said.

The new facility will be built on the campus of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Austin, which is being redeveloped to make it a center for research and development.TUCSON CITY, Ariz.

— A hospital that’s been in the Tulane medical complex since the 1950s will close, its founder, Dr. William A. Schofield, announced Tuesday.

In a letter to patients and staff, Schofolds said the hospital would move to the city’s new facility in the southeast quadrant of the city.

The University of Southern California hospital is one of four hospitals that will close the Tulanoos main campus in southeast Austin.

A fourth, at the University at Albany, will open its doors next year.